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TURKTIPSAN has been founded as a Company Limited on 22.05.2002 and the company has become a corporation since 29th July of  2002. The partners of our company are: Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Foundation, TAF Solidarity Foundation, TAF Education Foundation, TAF Mehmetcik Foundation and TAF Rehabilitation and Care Center Foundation.

Having started to be built on 13.09.2003 and completed in 22 months, TURKTIPSAN HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, TOURISM, TRADE  INC. is a company with one hundred per-cent Turkish capital, which operates in research and development, production, sales and marketing of strategically significant healthcare products.

The manufacturing plant is made up of 7500 m2 of indoor area on a total area of 22.000 m², which is established on 148.000 m² of land.

The factory is made up of Leisure Center, Administrative Section, Parenteral Solution Production Lines, Medical Material Area, Packaging Plant, Quality Control Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, R&D Laboratory, Raw Material and Finished Product Warehouses, Technical Maintenance Section, Water Treatment Unit and Water Reservoirs.

TURKTIPSAN INC. meets customers’ expectations the best way with the products it manufactures in production plants equipped with state-of-the-art systems in the category of parenteral solution products, and offers to the service of its customers the products that are in world standards in accordance with the fundamental purpose of always taking healthcare standards to a further level.

TURKTIPSAN INC. manufactures products such as essential parenteral solutions, which are primarily important for human health in our modern plants established in accordance with c-GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) in Turkey. With our gradually increasing product diversity, TURKTIPSAN INC. will remain among the leading facilities in healthcare industry in Turkey.

TURKTIPSAN INC. conducts an industrial commercial activity that creates added value with its ever-increasing product range in order to identify potential strategic healthcare needs of our country and create added value and employment in national economy in accordance with the national needs by diverting its revenues to manufacture of critical healthcare products.

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Bügdüz Mh. Kaymakam A.Galip Cd. No:2806750 Akyurt-ANKARA/ Türkiye

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