Our Real Estate

Real Estate in Record of the Foundation:

In record of the Foundation, there are total of 702 real estate (consisting of domestic buildings, offices, detached houses, apartment buildings, lands, fields, etc.) with the current value of 289.900.535 TRY, all donated by our charitable citizens.

Of all the real estate, the full ownership of 84% (the Foundation has the usage rights) and the bare ownership of 16% (the donor has the usage rights until decease) belong to the Foundation.

Our Politics in Respect to the Evaluation of Real Estate:
The Foundation derives the maximum amount of revenue from real estate by renting them, providing their continuation through maintenance and selling them in mandatory conditions or constructing a new building in place of one.

The principles of renting real estate:
– The real estate properties in TAFF ownership are rented out by tender.
– Bid advertisements are published on the internet sites “hurriyetemlak.com” and “sahibinden.com”, as well as TAFF Web Site, for the bidders.