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Mercedes-Benz Turk which has been established in Istanbul in 1967 with 36% partnership of Daimler-Benz AG under the title of Otomarsan, has started the manufacturing of 0 302 type buses in 1968.

Starting exportation in 1970, only 2 years after launching the manufacturing process, the company has become Mercedes-Benz’s General Representative in Turkey.

And in 1986, the company’s truck factory in Aksaray of Central Anatolia has started the manufacturing in parallel with the development potential of Turkey.

In November, 1990, trade name of the company has been changed as Mercedes-Benz Turk INC.

Today, Mercedes-Benz INC. is one of the largest foreign investments in Turkey with its total investments over 885 million Euros and employs over 6,000 personnel. 80% of Mercedes-Benz Turk employees have a university degree and they know at least one foreign language. Additionally, 4,000 employees work at the network of retail dealers and post-sales services all around Turkey.

Daimler AG has the share of 67% in the capital of Mercedes-Benz Turk.

Nowadays, Mercedes-Benz Turk’s facilities in Istanbul, Hosdere factory manufacturing intercity buses municipality buses, and the one in Aksaray manufacturing light- medium-heavy and heavy trucks constitute building bricks of development and manufacture network of Daimler AG. The company carries out the sales and exportation of the products including the models produced only in Turkey. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz Turk carries out the importation and sales of Mercedes-Benz light commercial vehicles and all the automobile brands under Daimler AG.

Thanks to its high-quality products equipped with the latest technologies, Mercedes-Benz Turk is the leading company in the intercity bus market and market of trucks over 6 tones in turkey.

The company also has a leading position in terms of bus and truck exportation in Turkey. The fact that the most important exportation markets of Mercedes-Benz Turk are the Western European countries is a striking detail.

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