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Having established in Balıkesir in 1977 by association of workers abroad, and named after “İşçi Birliği” (Workers’ Union), ISBIR started to manufacture Synchronous alternators and Diesel Generator Sets between 10 kVA and 2000 kVA in 1981. It is one of the 6 companies of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) which holds 99,85% of its shares.

It continues to operate in 8300 m2 of indoor facilities founded on approximately 30.000 m2 area.

ISBIR has accelerated its customer satisfaction-oriented operations with the power it receives from TAFF and the inspiration it gets from the customers in addition to its successful managers, modern R&D department, experienced technical staff and highly-motivated employees. Having completed many large-scale and successful projects in the country and abroad, ISBIR successfully developed and delivered projects in Qatar, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Albania and many other countries.

ISBIR continues to take part in the most important marine, air and land projects of the defense industry in our country. All power generators of Milgem-1 and Milgem-2, the first Domestic Battleships of Turkey, Seismic Survey Vessels, the New Type Patrol Boat (YTKB) and Tank Landing Vessel (LST) as well as Serhet Vessel Type Boats (SGSB) exported to Turkmenistan, Fast Response Boats, Landing Ships (LCM), Tugboats, Hydrographic and Oceanographic Research Vessels, and Water Bus projects were manufactured by ISBIR.

ISBIR is proud to provide the highest quality service with the highest domestic content rate to national economy and defense industry in many military projects such as HERRIKS, EHTES, TASMUS, JEMUS, ADOP, F16 Simulation Center project, etc. which are very important for manoeuver, information, communication and logistic activities of Turkish Armed Forces.

Occupying an important place in our Defense Industry from the day it was established, ISBIR has presented its quality and experience to public and private sector, and continues to represent our country proudly inside and outside Turkey with its motto “UNINTERRUPTED COLLABIRATION WITH LIFE” anywhere quality and human life matters, and at every point of life.

Address :
Yeni İzmir Yolu Üzeri 6 Km. P.O. BOX 146 Çayırhisar Mevki Balıkesir / Türkiye
Tel : +90 (266) 283 00 50
Fax : +90 (266) 283 00 66-67
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