13th IDEF International Defense Industry Fair was organized at İstanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 9-12 May 2017 in the management and responsibility of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) under the aegis of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense.

Opened by the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, 133 delegations and 637 delegates from 67 countries and 2 international organizations participated in IDEF 2017 this year. 1 President, 26 Ministers, 6 Chiefs of General Staff, 17 Deputy Ministers, 5 Deputy Chiefs of General Staff, 10 Commanders-in-chief and 14 Undersecretaries attended.

A total of 820 firms / representatives, 317 being domestic and 503 foreign, took place in the fair realized on an area of 120.000 m2 from 50 countries.

Interview offices were opened for 28 posts and over 2.000 interviews were made in IDEF Fair which about 80.000 visited. In addition, 50 signature ceremonies were realized at the end of a series of purchase, sale and cooperation negotiations.

Domestic products put their firm stamp on IDEF

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ/TAI) exhibited T129 ATAK Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, as well as, the make-up of National Combat Airplane (NCA) which is the vision project of Turkey, Specific Helicopter T625, armed Hürkuş and Anka Unmanned Air Vehicle System Arms Integration for the first time.

In the fair, furthermore, the first images from Göktürk-1 satellite which shall meet the need of satellite image directed to the target intelligence of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) were shared.

Mahmut AKŞİT, General Director of TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI), informed Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM about the airplane engines which they were developing.

Otokar exhibited in IDEF for the first time Altay Asymmetrical Battle Tank (Altay ABT) which was developed in compliance with asymmetrical battle conditions for peace supporting operations. Which is in the position of the most modern main battle tank of the world with superior survival and mobility, power of fire and technology and which counts the days for mass production, prototype of Altay Main Battle Tank also took its place at Otokar booth.

Kaan, TRG-300 Kaplan, TRG-122 missiles and Mini Smart Ammunition MAM-C developed by ROKETSAN became the focus of interest for the visitors in IDEF where they were first exhibited. In addition, laser guided missile Cirit, medium and long range antitank missiles UMTAS and OMTAS, laser guided long range antitank missile L-UMTAS, SOM- and JSF-compatible SOM-J precise guided stand-off ammunitions, air defense missile Hisar, laser guide kit Teber, fuses and miscellaneous ballistic protection systems attracted intensive attention of the visitors.

Greatest stand of IDEF for ASELSAN

ASELSAN employed the greatest booth of IDEF history on 5 decares and exhibited 317 products.
Long range early warning radar system EIRS, military march assistant Asya, Laser Defense System, Van Cat which combines thermal camera and night vision system in a single device, remote control arms system Sarp Dual, new generation armored battle system Korhan, Electro-magnetic Cannon System, light torpedo, Automatic Mortar System took their place in ASELSAN booth as attention attracting products.

First national air missiles from TÜBİTAK

Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan, the first national air missiles of Turkey developed by TÜBİTAK’s Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) were also exhibited in the fair for the first time.
Kamikaze drones (Alpagu, Kargu) and surveillance drone (Togan) of Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade (STM) were exhibited for the first time. Submarine and frigate designs taking place in STM booth aroused interest. Lagari, high resolution micro earth observation satellite was also welcomed warmly since it was a new technology for Turkey.

Meeting point for those who wished to have the experience of using ATAK helicopter was HAVELSAN stand. Simulators which were produced to train ATAK helicopter pilots was for the first time exhibited in the fair with a special version.

İŞBİR Electric Industry exhibits in its booth 5 kW and 30 kW tactical generators and TASMUS Dual Mobile Generators produced for the Land Forces Command. The most interesting product of the booth was the silent generator.

ASPİLSAN, the sole airplane and helicopter battery supplier of Turkish Armed Forces, represented that EASA certificate transactions which are required to supply its products to civil aviation were completed in a rate of 70 percent.

Kaplan was publicized

Prototype of Medium Weight Class Tank Kaplan MT, developed by FNSS which is one of the outstanding land systems producers of the defense industry under a joint work with Indonesian firm PT Pindad, available for the tests was publicized in IDEF. KAPLAN MT is prepared to take place as a strong player in the battle field with precise direct firing ability, wide ammunition options and superior tactical and strategic mobility.

Nurol Makina first exhibited its new 4×4 armored vehicle which was indicated to “start a new era in its own class”. Besides the publicity of a new 4×4 armored vehicle called “NMS”, Ilgaz 2 Armored Internal Security Vehicle, the new version of Ilgaz included in the inventory of Security General Directorate, and Ejder Kunter Armored Personnel Carrier took their place at the booth as new products.

Outstanding agreements

50 signature ceremonies were made in the fair at the end of a series of purchase, sale and cooperation negotiations.

Developments to carry cooperation in the defense industry between Turkey and Pakistan were experienced. Accordingly, 52 Super Mushchak training airplanes shall be purchased from Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan has put forth her decisiveness to buy 4 MİLGEM corvettes. It is expected to put the signatures to the agreement concerning the sale in the coming months.

Concerning the National Combat Airplane Program, NCA Program Turkey-UAE Exchange of Letters Memorial Ceremony certificate and the negotiations continued in the scope of cooperation agreement between TUSAŞ and UAE Systems were completed and a memorandum of understanding which determined the conditions of the parties was signed for the purpose of starting the approval processes.

The contract between Under-secretariat of Defense Industry (UDI) and TUSAŞ was undersigned for HÜRKUŞ-C Airplane Development and Mass Production Project.

It is decided to procure armed tactical UAV system for the gendarmerie with the contract signed between UDI and Baykar Makina.

Contract for Development of Antitank Defense Ability of M60T Tanks Project (Fırat M60T) and Intent Agreement Directed to Utilization of Public Security and Emergency Communication System of ULAK Base Station In Wide Band Solution was signed between UDI and ASELSAN.

Integration of laser warning system, remote control arm system, close range surveillance system, protection lining and air-conditioning system to M60T tanks shall be realized in the scope of the project of Development of Antitank Defense Ability of M60T Tanks which contract value is 109 million 245 thousand euros and 25 million liras.