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Havelsan Technology Radar Trade Inc. (HTR) was founded in 1990 as a Turkish-French joint venture for the production of TRS-22XX Log-Range Mobil Air Defense Radars in Turkey. When Thales sold its shares to HAVELSAN INC. in 2001, HTR has become a national company.

HTR has 3 main activity fields;

– Maintenance and Repair and Integration of Radar Systems Depot-Level, Tributary Unit Production,
– Design, Integration and Installation of Network Based Security Systems,
– Design and Assembly of Wire&Harness.

In addition to these, HTR also attaches a great importance to R & D activities. R&D Department under HTR produces high-tech solutions reinforcing the ongoing activities of HTR.

HTR which desires to provide better product and services quality to its customers has developed a Quality Management System in compliance with quality standards. Quality certificates granted to HTR are as follows:

– AQAP 2110
– AS 9100 REV C.
– ISO 9001:2008

Additionally, HTR has Facility Security Certificates with the levels of “NATO Classified” and “National Classified”.

Radar Systems Section under HTR constantly pursues its activities since the year of 1990. Radar Systems Section has contributed to many international projects and will continue contributing with its 24 years of expertise. Radar tributary unit production, acceptance tests, field integration, improvements and modifications and lifelong support services are offered by Radar Systems Section within the framework of high quality standards.

HTR is currently responsible for maintenance-repair of TRS-22XX Air Defence Radars’ depot-levels. Various works are carried out within HTR in order to increase operating times, performances, operating rates and sustainment convenience of these radars. Maintenance-repair activities regarding depot-level of TRS-22XX radars carried out by HTR for more than 15 years has been completely carried out by HTR’s own personnel, test and maintenance utilities. Thanks to these maintenance and repair activities carried out by HTR, operations of the aforementioned radars are at very high rates.

In order to prevent the problems occurred at the antenna part of TRS-22XX Air Defence Radars in the inventory of Turkish Air Force, a modification project called RLS Project has been launched in 2009. System works that will prevent the aforesaid problems of TRS-22XX Radars’ antennas are currently in process.
Another project of Radar Systems Section is the Peace Eagle Project. Within the scope of this project, HTR uses its experiences and skills by carrying out their Integration and Test Activities of 4 Airborne Radars within the framework of international cooperation. Peace Eagle Project in the Interim support Period and HTR provides services in compliance with the agreement signed with NorthropGrumman in terms of maintenance and repair of MESA radars also in this period.

Within Long Horizon Project, HTR has successfully carried out installation, integration and test activities of Coastal Monitoring Radars. Moreover, HTR has also provided services of training and emplacement support.
Another activity section of HTR is Network Based Security Systems (AGS) Section. Starting its activities in 2003, Network Based Security Section provides solutions for the protection of critical military and civil facilities such as military positions, refineries and pipelines. AGS Section designs and integrates Network Based Electronic Security Systems in accordance with the needs of demandants. In addition to these, AGS Section also provides maintenance and repair of systems and training services. HTR is the leading company in turkey in the field of Network Based Security Systems with its experienced tech-team and its infrastructure sufficient for modern and high technology production. HTR offers a comprehensive solution package to its customers including need analysis, source analysis, producing solutions, system design, integration and post-sales services in terms of Network Based Security Systems.

Another unit continuing its works under HTR is Wire & Harness Design and Assembly Section. This section has started its activities which have been stopped in 2001 again in 2006 by modernizing its infrastructure completely and currently provides services for many local and foreign institutions and organizations. Except carrying out Wire&Harness Design and Production, HTR is also very experienced and competent about designing and producing wires&harnesses of cabinets and cutout switches, carrying out sub-assembly and final assembly of functional units and testing these parts. With its competences and experiences, Wire & Harness Design and Assembly Section provides engineering and assembly solutions of foreign companies’ Industrial Participation / Offset responsibilities by doing gradually increasing exportation.

R&D Section continues its works supporting main fields of activity and provides high-tech solutions for the customers of abovementioned sections. Among the most significant works of R&D Section; there are “Modulator Design (MODOZGUN)” for Radar Systems Section and “Video Alarm Management System (VAYS)” for Network Based Security Section.

HTR attaches a great importance on R&D works and one of the R&D projects carried out within this framework is the MODOZGUN project. HTR has launched a R&D project in order to solve the problems in the Modulator part of TRS-22XX Radar Systems, and the design, assembly and tests of modulator unit has been completed and the designed modulator unit has become ready for use.

VAYS is a completely national closed-circuit television monitoring system. With its smart video analytics and alarm scenarios, it has the ability to forewarn the operators by detecting any dangers at any places with any climate conditions. With VAYS, closed-circuit television systems can be used much more efficiently and a third-eye is provided for the operators. Since VAYS is a national software, it can work integrated with any early warning sensors and can be adjusted to these easily. It’s completely compatible with the latest technologies. VAYS Software is a system management tool which can operate independent from operating systems, which could be adjusted in accordance with any needs and place of use and can maximize the security level with smart image analysis.

HTR which is the “Integrated Logistics Support Center” of Turkey continues to expand and develop as the competitive solution partner providing the highest added-value possible in national and global cooperations in order to provide with the defense and security needs of Turkey with maximum national contribution.

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