Foundation Notes



“Explanation: The arrangements, based on the modifications of  TAFF Law in accordance with the Legislative Law No. 696 (effectuated on 24 December 2017), have been imported into the TAFF Act and the approval process is in progress.”

ARTICLE 1 – Turkish Armed Forces Foundation was founded according to the Law no. 3388 and dated 17.6.1987.

Headquarters of the Foundation

ARTICLE 2 – The headquarters of foundation is in Ankara. Its place of residence is Paris Caddesi Yazanlar Sokak No: 4 Kavaklıdere Çankaya-ANKARA. Its place of residence may be changed by the decision of Board of Trustees.

The Foundation may open branches at home by the decision of Board of Trustees but in abroad by permission of the Prime Ministry.

Purpose of the Foundation

ARTICLE 3 – Its purpose is to provide moral and material support of our Nation in order to make contribution to the enhancement of the war establishment of the Turkish Armed Forces by means of developing our national war industry, establishing new war industry areas and procuring armaments, tools and materials.

Accomplishment of the Purpose

ARTICLE 4 – To achieve its purpose, the Foundation may:

Buy and sell real estate in accordance with the relevant legislation. Appropriate and rent the movable goods, assets by means of will, grant, testamentary disposition or purchase. Sell or rent those appropriated. Use one or more real estates including in the foundation’s assets or their incomes in investments. Save the incomes of the estates and assets appropriated, moneys of which the foundation has possession, through all kind of legal ways. Establish companies and manage them and also participate in those available. Buy and sell shares, dividend shares, obligations, share warrants, income warrants of foreign or local companies or one or more composite companies. Accept all kind of donations and legacies, suitable for the purpose of the Foundation.

Cooperate with the Foundations, institutions and organizations, similar to the purpose of the Foundation.
Make short or long-term agreements with them.

Hand over the facilities and organizations completed by its income or assets into the possession of the management of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Accept rights such as usufruct and residence right for immovable and incorporeal rights for property.

The Foundation may make all operations, contracts or undertakings which are necessary for achieving its purpose and also not forbidden by the relevant legislation and also take decisions.

It may conduct or give undertakings for the activities of dealership, representation, agency (including the insurance).
Additionally, the Foundation may get involved in the international and local fair – exhibition-symposium- congress and demonstration activities for its purposes.

Assets of the Foundation

ARTICLE 5 – The assets of the foundation is composed of 1 Million TL allocated to the Foundation by the Law no. 3388 and dated 17.6.1987 together with the properties of the Land, Naval and Air Force Support Foundations, cash on hand, all kind of rights, receivables and debts, all kind of donations and supports to be made to the Foundation and also the incomes obtained from the activities of the Foundation.

Incomes and Expenses of the Foundation

ARTICLE 6 – The Foundation’s incomes are all kind of incomes to be obtained from its assets and activities, donations, legacies and supports and also rights and bequests having financial value as financial, real and properties.
The Foundation’s expenses are made according to the annual budget. The Foundation Management is obliged to spend and allocate 20% of its gross income obtained within the year to the Management and Maintenance costs, reserves and also investments which will increase its assets and the remaining 80% to the Foundation’s purposes. The accounting and budget year of the Foundation is calendar year.

Bodies of the Foundation

ARTICLE 7 – The bodies of the Foundation are shown below.
a) President of Foundation
b) Board of Trustees
c) General Directorate

President of the Foundation

ARTICLE 8 – The President of Foundation and Board of Trustees is the Minister of National Defense. The Foundation is represented by the President. The registration of foundation is provided by the President of Foundation in accordance with the provisions of Civil Code.

Board of Trustees

ARTICLE 9 – The Board of Trustees is composed of the Minister of National Defense, Deputy Chief of the General Staff General, Undersecretary of the Ministry National Defense and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, who are the founders of the Foundation.

Duties of the Board of Trustees

ARTICLE 10 – The Board of Trustees is the body managing the Foundation and also authorized and responsible for carrying out all kind of operations and taking decisions required for the realization of the Foundation’s purposes. Additionally, the Board of Trustees is authorized to carry out the followings:

a) To determine the needs by coordinating with the Service Commands and Gendarmerie General Command and to take measures required for meeting these needs,

b) To prepare balance sheet, income and expenditure account, working report and annual programs,

c) To ensure that the Foundation can achieve its purposes; to accept donations, legacies and grants suitable for its purpose, to purchase, sell, rent, lease out, operate all kind of properties by permission of the competent authorities and have them operated, to establish business organizations, to become a partner with the business organizations established and to select the Foundation representatives before the associated business organizations and companies,

d) To take over and purchase all kind of rights with material value or to hand over them to others and also to make legal transaction on them,

e) When required, to found provisional or constant scientific and technical committees or working groups in order that the Foundation can realize its purpose and also to make researches done,

f) To carry out all kind of operations and activities which will gain favor to the Foundation and are suitable for its purpose,

g) To determine the Foundation’s personnel need and cadre, to specify fees to be paid for these personnel and also when required, to discharge them according to the provisions of legislation,

h) To select the auditor/s for one year who will audit the General Directorate of Foundation,

ı) To organize duties, authorities and responsibilities of the General Directorate through the Regulations.

Delegation of Authority

ARTICLE 11 – The Board of Trustees may perform its duties stated in the article of duties and also transfer a part of these duties to the General Directorate of Foundation by determining its limits.

Assignment, Duties and Authorities of the General Director of Foundation

ARTICLE 12 – The General Director is assigned by the Board of Trustees and accountable to the aforesaid Board. When required, the General Director may be dismissed by the Board of Trustees in the same way which he/she is assigned.

The General Director manages the Foundation in conformity with the decisions of the Board of Trustees and exercises the authorities granted by the aforesaid board. The General Directorate ensures that its organization’s duties, authorities and responsibilities are carried out according to the provisions of the Regulations.
The General Director attends the meetings of the Board of Trustees but cannot vote.

Meeting and Quorum of the Board of Trustees

ARTICLE 13 – The Board of Trustees gathers at least every two months by majority under the presidency of the Foundation President and takes decision by majority. In case of equality of votes, the President’s vote is considered as two votes. The Board Chairman and members cannot refrain from a vote.

Inspection of the Foundation

ARTICLE 14 – The Foundation is subject to the inspection of the General Directorate for Foundations according to the provisions of the Legislation on Foundations founded according to the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code.

Audit of the General Directorate of Foundation

ARTICLE 15 – The Board of Trustees has the General Directorate of Foundation audited once a year through maximum three auditors to be selected at the first meeting to be held in January every year. Besides this, it may make audit done in cases when required.

Books to be kept by the Foundation

ARTICLE 16 – The Foundation keeps the books stated in the Regulations on Foundations founded according to the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code.

Amendments in the Articles of Foundation

ARTICLE 17 – The amendments in the Articles of Foundation depend on the decision taken by the positive votes of at least three members without prejudice to the provisions of the Law no. 3388 and dated 17.6.1987.

Termination of Foundation

ARTICLE 18 – The Foundation is passed to the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry according to the provisions of Regulations on Foundations founded according to the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code when the realization of its purposes becomes impossible.

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1 – The Foundation performs the debts and undertakings passed from the Land, Naval and Air Force Support Foundations according to the agreements made by the aforesaid Foundations