Frequently Asked Questions

TAFF has been founded in accordance with the “Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Law” No. 3388. Following its foundation in accordance with a law, it has gained a legal entity status just like any other Foundations by the completion of processes stated in the Turkish Civil Code. TAFF is a “private legal entity” active in accordance with the Law of Foundations No. 5737. TAFF doesn’t have any organic links to any public bodies.

Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) is audited by the authorities listed below:

Directorate General of Foundations  (according to the planning of the Directorate),

Independent auditor selected by the Board of Trustees every year,

The Board of Trustees can also carry out additional audits if necessary.

Students can make their internship applications regarding their departments from the WEBSITES of the Subsidiaries. Internship eligibilities, quota, internship periods etc. are shared in the WEBSITES of Subsidiaries.

There are TRY, USD and EURO donation accounts available at T. Is Bankası, Cankaya Branch, Akbank Baskent Corporate Branch published on the official website of TAFF. Besides, Ziraat Bankası Ankara Public Corporate Branch provides only TRY donation account.

Donations to be made to our Foundation can be made from any branch of the banks of which details are shared on our website, from online banking, phone banking and ATMs without any commissions.

Additionally, any donations in cash are also accepted at the addresses and contact information provided by General Directorate of TAFF Headquarters (ANKARA) and TAFF Regional Representative Offices (ISTANBUL, IZMIR and MERSIN) on our website in return for a donation voucher approved by the General Directorate of Foundations.

Except TAFF General Directorate Headquarters and Regional Representative Offices, any persons, institutions / organizations don’t have the authority to accept any donations on behalf of the Foundation, write a receipt in return for a donation or open a donation account in any banks.

You can learn whether your valuable donation has been transferred in our accounts or not by contacting us via the contact information stated on our website (0312-468 87 88). In case that our donators’ mobile phone numbers are available in our records, an information and thanks message is sent via SMS when the donation is transferred to our accounts.

If your donation is not entered from the donation module by the bank employee, your address cannot be known by our Foundation, just your name and the donation amount can be known. In case that you notify your address during the conversation you made with our Foundation’s personnel, your certificate and award you deserve will be sent to your address at the soonest possible date.

If you haven’t received your certificate until the end of next month following the month you made your donation, please call TAFF PR Branch Office via the contact info provided on our website (+90 312 468 87 88). Probably your address hasn’t been registered from donation module and your address hasn’t been mentioned to our Foundation. That’s why the certificate you have deserved couldn’t be sent to your address. Please give your address by calling General Directorate of TAFF.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any membership system. Also, there are no monthly membership fees.

Real estate property donations can be granted with full ownership, bare ownership or testament.

In case of full ownership donation, the right of use and the ownership of the real estate property are transferred to the Foundation at the Title Deeds Registry Office and the donator does not have any right to save on the real estate property.

In case of bare ownership donation, the ownership of the real estate property is transferred to the Foundation at the Title Deeds Registry Office on condition that the right to use of the real estate property remains in the donator until passing. Additionally, if requested by the donator, recognizance regarding the real estate property can only be used by his/her mother, father and/or spouse until passing can be given.

In case of testament donation, the ownership of the real estate property and the right to use of it are held by the donator until passing. After donator’s passing, a case will be filed for the fulfillment of the testament and the real estate property is registered in the name of the Foundation.

During the real estate property donation process, the donators are accompanied by Foundation personnel and costs are covered by the Foundation.

Following the necessary maintenance and repair are made, donated real estate properties are evaluated as to generate maximum income by renting. Incomes of the real estate properties are used in line with the aim of the Foundation “to make contributions to the increase of the fighting force of the Turkish Armed Forces by means of developing our national war industry, establishing new war industry branches and also purchasing the weapons, tools and equipment”.

Real estate properties are rented by tender.

The rental advertisements are published on the website of TAFF and also on the websites “” and “”.

According to the Procedures and Principles About Organizing Domestic Fairs, published by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey; “National and international defence industry and military aviation specialized fairs can be organized under the auspices and support of Ministry of National Defence, under the responsibility of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation General Directorate, by the companies which have authorization certificate to organize domestic fairs in Turkey.”

Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) is a private legal entity, has the authorization and responsibility to organize national and international defence industry and military aviation specialized fairs and employs an organizer company to carry out the preparation and executive actions of the Fair as the employer.

TAFF fulfills the planning and execution of the IDEF International Defence Industry Fair, according to the decision no. 4/1 dated May 13th, 1992 of the Board of Trustees, TAFF Act and also the Procedures and Principles About Organizing Domestic Fairs, published by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

IDEF Fairs have been organized since 1993 biennially, in odd years.

IDEF is an important promotion and cooperation platform where a wide range of high technology products and systems and also their sub-products covering the fields of land, naval, aviation and aerospace are exhibited.

IDEF International Defence Industry Fair is one the biggest defence industry fairs of the world and a global trademark of Turkey.  

The trademark of “IDEF International Defence Industry Fair” is registered on behalf of TAFF by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. 

IDEF Fairs were organized in;

- Ankara, at Türkkuşu Facilities belong to Turkish Aeronautical Association, for 6 times, between 1993-2001, 

- Ankara, 75th Year Ankara Hippodrome Facilities belong to Jockey Club of Turkey, for 3 times, between 2003-2007, 

- Istanbul, TUYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center, for 6 times, between 2009-2019.

It is necessary to contact with the organizer company of IDEF to be an exhibitor.

IDEF is a specialized fair which is open to the below mentioned professional visitors who are directly or indirectly interested in the defence industry.  

- High Level Civil and Military Authorities

- Guest Defence Ministers, Chiefs of General Staff and Other Official Delegations

- Ambassadors, Military Attaches, Trade Attaches

- Senior Officials and Personnel of Turkish Ministry of National Defence

- Senior Officials and Personnel of Turkish Ministry of Interior

- Senior Officials and Personnel of Land, Navy and Air Forces

- Senior Officials and Personnel of Gendarmerie, Turkish National Police and Coast Guard

- Special Forces and Anti-Terror Specialists

- Security Surveillance Specialists and Professionals

- Military Security and Intelligence Institutions Personnel

- Civil Defence Specialists

- Government Security Procurement and Integrators

- Primary Users and End Users

- Fire and Rescue Forces and First Responders

- Analysts, Academics, Researchers

- Defence and Security Industry Executives and Consultants

- R&D Specialists

- Trade and Professional visitors

- University Students of Engineering Faculties

- Defence and Security Related Foundations, Associations and Clusters

- National and International Defence Journalists

- IDEF is a specialized fair which is open to professional visitors who are directly or indirectly interested in the defence industry. IDEF Fairs are not open to public. 

- Online registration is mandatory to enter into the fair as visitor. Proof of competency is requested when obtaining the badge. 

- No one is allowed to enter the venue without badge.

- Dress code is daily uniform or business suit to enter the venue.

- No weapons allowed.

- Minors below 18 are not admitted.

IDEF Fairs are being held in May of odd years, for 4 days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
On the first day, only the protocol, participants and special invitees can enter the fair, visitors are not allowed.
The fair is open between the hours of 10.00 – 17.00 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days, 10.00 – 16.00 for the 4th day.

ASELSAN and NETAŞ, among the companies, in which the Foundation has shares, are publicly-held companies at the rate of 25,7% and 36,96% respectively.

According to Foundation Voucher, 65% of 80% part of gross revenue obtained within a year expended and allocated to the aims of the Foundation is allocated to Ten-Year Procurement Programme (TYPP) of Land, Naval and Air Forces Commands to be determined by the Turkish General staff, and 35% of it is allocated for Investments/Capital Contribution.

New investment areas are searched by the Foundation and the needed investments will be made in accordance with the “Directive on Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Investment Procedures”. Within this scope; company establishment, going into a partnership and merging with a company, selling or transferring shares in the company with which the Foundation has gone into a partnership, increasing the amount of current shares, capital increase etc. activities are carried out.

According to the principles of the Law on Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (Law no. 3388), Articles of Foundation and Regulation, the Foundation ensures effective supervision and governance of its subsidiaries, of which TAFF is the main shareholder, with the understanding that the performance evaluation of targets, set by the principles of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation’s Strategic Plan, are made on behalf of the Board of Trustees by receiving the approval of the Board of Trustees. The financial statements of the companies are examined on a quarterly basis, the management of the projects including the R&D are analyzed and evaluated. The Foundation’s Board of Directors and if required the Board of Trustees are informed about the issues such as new investments, initiatives to change capital structure, the policies justifying the decision are presented and the implementation of the decisions taken is followed. The Foundation carries out all these activities through the Board Members assigned to represent the foundation especially at the Annual  Ordinary General Assembly Meetings.

Pursuant to the Turkish Commercial Code and the Capital Markets Board Regulations for the publicy-held companies, the Board Member candidates, who will serve on behalf of the Foundation’s legal entity or on behalf of the Foundation as a natural person in the companies in which the Foundation has shares, are determined by the decision of the Board of Trustees at least in February each year. The Members determined by the Board of Trustees are nominated and elected at the General Assembly Meetings of the companies by the Foundation as a shareholder. 

Although there aren’t any obligations for an independent audit since the subsidiaries of the Foundation except ASELSAN are not public, all Subsidiaries are subject to an independent audit by the Foundation. Accordingly, their auditing is carried out every year by the independent audit companies selected by the General Assembly. Although there aren’t any obligations for an independent audit for the subsidiaries except ASELSAN, the subject of establishment of an Auditing Board by the Foundation has been added to the master agreements of the companies during the General Assemblies of 2014 and the auditing process has been activated in this way. Additionally, they are evaluated and audited by the Board of Trustees’ Auditors under the General Directorate of the Foundation and General Directorate of Foundations.

Since ASELSAN and NETAS are public, their financial statements are published in accordance with the Capital Markets Board’s (CMB) regulations. Financial statements of other companies aren’t published.

The share percentage of TAFF in its subsidiaries are as follows; 74,2% in ASELSAN, 54,5% in TAI, 55,3% in ROKETSAN (74,7% together with the shares of the Foundation’s companies) and 99,5% in HAVELSAN.

The defence projects spread over a long time extending to years because of their characteristics and for this reason, the subsidiaries should work in a close cooperation with the numerous subcontractors as well as the various research agenies and universities in the aforesaid rprojects. 

1,1 Billion Dollars were paid in total to 4.244 local subcontractors by the end of 2017 and the growth of domestic industry was supported through the transferred work shares. The foundation’s subsidiaries which employed 9.752 persons in 2010, employed 15.519 persons in 2017. 

Incomes of our Foundation consist of the profit shares from the companies where our Foundation holds shares, rental incomes from the rented real estates, IDEF Fair incomes, financial incomes and the donations by our great Turkish nation.

80% of these incomes are used to develop our war industry, and to contribute to the improvement of Turkish Armed Forces’ war power by buying warfare equipment. The remaining 20% of the incomes are allocated to administration expenses of the Foundation and the investments and capital reserves which can bring more assets to the Foundation