Type Certification Ceremony For The HURKUS Was Held

Type Certification of the New Generation Trainer Aircraft “HURKUS” was presented to TAI at a ceremony organized with the coordination of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on 18 August 2016.

The Type Certification Award was held at TAI’s facilities at Kazan, Ankara with the participation of Minister of National Defense Mr.Fikri Işık, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Mr.Ahmet Arslan.

Minister of National Defense Mr.Fikri Işık made a speech at the ceremony and stated that the actions commenced many years ago in the Defense Industry have started to bring results and also 60% indigenousness rate in the Defense Industry should be reached to 80% and also its qualification should be increased. He pointed out that there is a sufficient human resource and economic potential required for developing the defense industry projects and continued as follows “There is a state, a nation that we are all responsible. We will make better and greater works. HURKUS is a source of pride for us. But our next source of pride will be the indigenous fighter jet. We will maket he best with TAI”.

Following the speech of Mr. Işık, the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications, Mr. Ahmet Arslan took the floor and delivered a speech: “Today, we are living a historic day and having justified pride of this. This is the realized status of the Project started on paper”. The Minister who pointed out that the Type Certification of HURKUS is awarded in our country with the capabilities of the the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and also this is accepted by the World Aviation Authorities and these are important indicators and said the followings “We trust the people here in this room when it comes to the manufacturing of our commercial aircraft and military aircraft”.

The Former Minister of National Defence, and Chairman of the Board at TÜRKSAT, Mr. Vecdi Gönül, who provided full support to HURKUS project from the beginning, said the following in his speech “HURKUS is the first aircraft that we produced on our own and today is a historic day. Mr. Gönül, who shared the memories experienced at the start-up phase of HURKUS Project, said the followings: “we felt urge to produce an aircraft. When this project was commenced, I said “I want to be invited in the completion ceremony but I don’t want to come with a walking stick. I could see this happy day without a walking stick. I would like to thank to TAI”.

Following these speeches the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications, Mr. Ahmet Arslan and Director General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Bilal Ekşi, presented the HURKUS Type Certificate to Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, the General Manager of TAI.

The DGCA and TAI personnel who contributed to the certification process were then presented their plaques.

The ceremony program continued with the flight demonstration of the HURKUS, which was watched by members of the protocol from the flight tower.

HURKUS is the first aircraft certified by the DGCA and also the first Turkish aircraft certified by the EASA.