ROKETSAN Develops Teber, The Laser Precision Guidance Kit Through Its Own Resources!

ROKETSAN developed TEBER guidance kit which will ensure to convert MK series general purpose bombs (MK-81, MK-82) which are used in abundance both locally and internationally by many forces of the world, into smart ammunition within the scope of the design studies initiated early in 2014 with its own resources by evaluating the existing capacities and projecting that the guidance kits can be developed nationally.

Guidance kits, designed under TEBER project, by being based on MK-81 and MK-82 bombs, compatible with both bomb types, will be effective against both fixed and mobile targets moving at high speeds thanks to its inertial measurement unit (IMU), global positioning system (GPS) and laser seeker. The TEBER Laser Precision Guidance Kit which will determine the type of bomb with its modular design is a laser precision guidance kit that will provide convenience for the user in terms of logistics. Furthermore, within the scope of the TEBER project, a proximity sensor will also be developed to fit into the body of the seeker head and provide the user with the ability to adjust for the preferred height of the explosion depending on the type of target and associated user intentions, therefore increasing the overall affectivity of the warhead. Ground tests have been completed under the coordination of the 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Centre Command, as a result of a protocol signed with the Turkish Air Force. The F-16 calibration sortie was successfully realized during the first half of June 2016 and work continues on the associated flight and firing tests.