HAVELSAN Completes Acquistion Of Quantum 3D

HAVELSAN has incorporated the U.S.-based Simulation Technology Developer. The process, commenced in the last year, was completed by obtaining all necessary approvals. This situation will provide an advantage for HAVELSAN, being a global company, in the global competition.

HAVELSAN officially took over Quantum 3D. One-year purchasing process was completed through the approval obtained from the American bureaucracy. The business assets of flight simulators belonging to California-based Quantum 3D, a leading training and simulator provider, will gain more strength to HAVELSAN following the approvals obtained. By this means, HAVELSAN has both obtained the opportunity to provide originally the image generators and become one of the local corporates of the USA via Quantum3D.

HAVELSAN’s U.S.-based new subsidiary will retain the intellectual property and product lines of Quantum3D, and will continue its activities in the offices in Milpitas, California and Orlando, Florida.

Quantum3D will be a production-focused company developing off-the-shelf commercial products for sale in the worldwide markets through this acquisition. Existing Quantum3D products, including the award-winning MANTIS software for real-time visual simulation, Independence IDX Image Generators, and the GeoScapeSE line of World-Wide visual database products, will continue to be sold under the Quantum3D brand name as before. This new U.S.-based entity will continue to do business using the Quantum3D name, and will proceed on its way together with its existing experienced staff.

“There was an opportunity and we took action within the scope of our strategic plans by seeing this opportunity. I believe that the added-value of the synergy created through this acquisition will be high. This will gain favor for both companies. I would like to take this occasion to thank those who contributed to the completion of this process” said HAVELSAN Chairman of the Board Yuksel OZTEKIN.

“This acquisition is the first in Turkey” For the first time, a Turkish company completed such a high technology acquisition. Our access to the technologic developments experienced in the Silicon Valley and utilization of these developments in HAVELSAN products will become easier. At the same time, I believe that Quantum3D being a one hundred percent U.S. entity and recognized worldwide brand will be a company, making a name for itself all over the world with HAVELSAN” said HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay.

“Quantum3D has a long, rich history in innovating and creating industry leading simulation technologies and solutions,” said Pratish Shah, CEO of Quantum3D. “Under our new owner HAVELSAN, the Quantum3D team looks to accelerate our innovation and development to lead the industry with our award-winning MANTIS Image Generator and aggressively expand into air, ground, maritime and maintenance training platforms and services market.”