Domestic And National Support To The Energy Of The Turkish Armed Forces

ASPILSAN Energy, one of the national organizations of Turkey established with the local capital, supports the defense industry by producing the long-lasting batteries needed by the Turkish Armed Forces.

ASPİLSAN Energy, which was founded in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1981 with the contributions of philanthropic businessmen, adds strength to the power of Turkish Armed Forces by producing batteries specific to the devices according to the needs of the military units.

Özsoy, quoting that ASPİLSAN Energy operates in both energy and defense  industry sectors as of its scope of activity said:

"ASPİLSAN Energy, while producing batteries and aircraft batteries which are a strategic material for the defense industry, on the other hand, produces energy storage and battery systems which is an important sub-system for all sectors. Moreover, ASPİLSAN is the only domestic and national company operating in these areas. Apart from lead acid chemistry batteries produced by conventional battery manufacturers such as aircraft battery, rail vehicle battery, we also produce the batteries needed. 

In terms of defense industry; we primarily design and manufacture the radio batteries needed by our defense industry, night vision system batteries, jammer/mixer system batteries, robotic system batteries used in mine scanning and bomb disposal robots, batteries and battery cells used in missile and guidance kits, anti-torpedo batteries, anti-tank system batteries and all the battery systems to meet the energy needs of our unmanned aerial vehicles and land vehicles, which are especially used to ensure border security."

In addition to stating that around 300.000 batteries were produced for the Turkish Armed Forces in the last year, Özsoy also said "More than % 95 them were directly or indirectly given to the defense industry. The focus is producing the same amount of batteries for the civil sector. Additionally, we also operate extensively for export. In the near future, we aim to increase the export rate within our sales to %25"

- There are 300 kinds of batteries

With giving information about the mission of ASPILSAN Energy, Özsoy stated that they want to offer solutions to reduce foreign dependency in the field of mobile energy systems. 

Özsoy attracted the attention to the fact that the company produces around 300 battery and battery systems used in radio, weapon, thermal, robotics and medical systems.

In addition to saying "We produce about 20 kinds of Ni-Cd aircraft, helicopter battery / cell and battery.", Özsoy also added that chargers and energy storage systems are being produced and electric vehicle batteries are planned to be produced.

With saying 175 different products were given directly or indirectly for the use of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2018, Özsoy also stated "At our point, the battery management systems on smart batteries are designed in our R & D center. In this way, with the custom designed batteries, we will develop the future requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and the batteries we plan to localize with the studies we have carried out at the Kayseri R & D Center."

Özsoy, upon indicating that besides the anti-tank and air defense missile batteries, the products such as thermal vision system batteries, gun system batteries are produced for Turkish Armed Forces, added that they aim to localize and manufacture batteries imported from abroad at high cost for Turkish Armed Forces’ existing import weapons systems.