Defense Minister Hulusi AKAR Spoke During A Visit To ROKETSAN.

Defense Minister Hulusi AKAR Spoke During A Visit To ROKETSAN. 

Minister of Defense Hulusi AKAR visited ROKETSAN on January 22, 2020. Chief of General Staff General Yaşar GÜLER, Land Forces Commander General Ümit DÜNDAR and Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL, Deputy Minister Yunus Emre KARAOSMANOĞLU and Deputy Minister Muhsin DERE accompanied him. Chairman of the Board of Directors Faruk YIĞIT and General Manager Selçuk YAŞAR greeted Minister AKAR and the TAF Command Echelon. 

After examining weapon systems in the exhibition area, AKAR and Command Echelon received a detailed briefing on ROKETSAN's projects. AKAR stated that ROKETSAN has implemented important projects and the company is indispensable for national defence industry. Minister AKAR also noted that the effective, deterrent and respectable characteristics of the Turkish Armed Forces have increased even more with the locally developed military tools and equipment. 

AKAR mentioned that:

“There are a large numbers of domestic and national weapons, tools, equipments and ammunition used by our Turkish Armed Forces on land, at sea and in the air. We thank those who have worked for this.”

AKAR has pointed out the importance of the progress in the domestic defense industry with the encouragement and support of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN.  He stated that this progress is also necessary for the friendly and allied Nations.

Turkey Have Become an International Subject

Touching upon the latest developments, AKAR noted that Turkey have become an international subject with the leadership of Mr.President. 

Minister of Defence addressed the importance of protecting Turkey's rights and laws by maintaining this feature. He mentioned the need for an effective, deterrent and respected Armed Forces. 

Touching upon the latest developments in Northern Syria, AKAR said that Operation Peace Fountain aimed at terrorist targets has cleared the region of terrorists. He said an environment of trust and stability was maintained in the areas where the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operation was carried out.

AKAR said that the regime in Idlib continues to attack residential areas, hospitals and schools in violation of the cease-fire deal. "Thousands of people in Idlib are fleeing toward areas cleared in Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations to save their lives from intense airstrikes in Idlib," AKAR mentioned. 

We are Dealing with a Freak.

In addition to the fight against terrorism, Turkey's activities are ongoing in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean, off Cyprus and Libya, AKAR said, adding that they are carried out in accordance with international law and the territorial integrity of the countries.

Minister of Defense highlighted that Turkey is in favor of stability, peace, protection of rights and justice in the region, and is determined to protect its own rights and interests.

Mr. AKAR mentioned:

“We have done what needs to be done to solve the problems in the Aegean within the framework of good neighbourhood relations” and added that “no one can deny it”. 

“We will not be encroached upon in any way. This is not a threat but our saying that we are in favor of good neighbourhood is not a weakness. Right now, neither in the world nor in history is there a country whose territorial waters are six miles and its airspace is ten miles. We are faced with such outlandishness. They are trying to introduce this to world opinion as a reality. We are defending our right on this matter”

He also mentioned that: 

“Another issue is the status of the 23 demilitarized islands in the Aegean Sea, the status of which are identified with international agrrements. Despite their demilitarized status, 16 out of these 23 islands were armed by means of violating agreements. We expect Greece to act according to international law, agreements and good neighbourhood relations."

Turkey is a guarantor country for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities. "The Cyprus issue is our national issue. Whatever we need to do there, we have done so far and will continue to do so. We will continue to protect the rights of both our own and Cypriot brothers." 

Mr AKAR said that: 

“In the eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, there is no chance of a project that Turkey does not involve in. It is our most sincere wish to resolve the issue within peaceful methods based on rights and international law.”

Mr. AKAR said: 

“We have 500 years of history, friendship, brotherhood, common history and culture with Libya. Efforts to limit maritime jurisdiction, which reached the signature stage in 2010, were interrupted due to known developments. As a result of the subsequent negotiations, the memorandum of understanding was signed. That is not against the law. UN recognized National Reconciliation Government in Libya.

Our NATO ally and our neighbour Greece wants everything to happen the way they want them to be but there are rules, regulations and international law. Not everything will happen as you wish.”

Mr. AKAR has reminded that:

“Turkey's Parliament passed a motion allowing for the deployment of Turkish troops to Libya.” 

He also said that:

“Turkey's team of military trainers and advisers in Libya will continue to provide support.”

Minister AKAR and the TAF Command Echelon visited the facility after the briefing.