ASELSAN is Growing Together with Its Strong Supply-Chain

2019 was a year in which ASELSAN has a strong financial implications and  the growth trend in the company's revenues continued to accelerate in the first three monts of 2020 in contrast with hitches at global conditions.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and CEO Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN mentioned the company’s activities and  stated that  “Coronavirus pandemic revealed the fragility of production and supply chains on a global scale. Making plan to estimate this kind of crisis periods become prominent once again. Prof. Dr. Görgün noted that “ASELSAN estimated potential supply chains’ crisis scenarios.” and  “the point where we stand now, it is the result of hardworking for long years to achieve the aim of reaching domestic and national industry as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan set this goal at the beginning of 2000s. At this point, the majority of our company’s suppliers that exceed 5.000 are local companies. The production of these companies have been reached to quite large levels in ASELSAN procduct range.”

ASELSAN collaborated with Its Business Partners to get on the “Growing Together” Theme 

Prof. Dr. Görgün stated that “ASELSAN is conducting the business with its supply chains to get on the “Growing Together” theme, the structure of cooperation has seperated into Strategic Partnership Companies, The Nationalization Duty Imposed Companies, and Others”  Görgün stated that “In these days we are through proves the importance of the structure which is created by ASELSAN for the sustainable production. ASELSAN has no dependency on Far East countries in its total supply-chain. The limited materials that is purchased from this region could be substituted by either domesitic or foreign sources qucikly. ASELSAN works with stockpile as a matter of strategic nature of its productions. We don’t have urgent need of supply from The United States or other countries and our production will not be affected by supply-chain based problems in the near future.” 

320 Million Dollars of New Orders 

ASELSAN, which succeeded to continue its growth trend without interruption, managed to receive new orders of 320 Million Dollars in the first three month of 2020. Prof. Dr. GÖRGÜN stated that "We contunie to deepen our R&D know-how in electronics area and to increase the product portfolio. We also succeeded to prop up  our production with strong financial indicators  by  maintaining rise in cash proceeds performance and our positive  cash  position as it was in the last year. ASELSAN will continue its contributions to the Turkish defense industry and non-defense areas without interruption with its strong financial structure, competent human-resource and business partners.