ASELSAN is 44 Years Old

ASELSAN, the largest organization of Turkish Defence Industry, visited Anıtkabir on its 44th anniversary.

ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof.Dr. Haluk Görgün, together with the managers and employee representatives, came to Atatürk's Mausoleum where they came to walk on the Lion Road.

Prof.Dr. Haluk Görgün left a wreath to the Mausoleum, after standing in silence, signed Anitkabir's special notebook.

Prof.Dr. Haluk Görgün wrote the following: 

“Great Leader Atatürk

We are in your high peace proudly today while celebrating ASELSAN's 44th anniversary.

Since its inception, ASELSAN continues to take its place in the global market with its depth in technology, strength in research and development activities, and development of design and production competencies. With the desire of reaching the 2023 targets of our country, it is advancing confidently in its works.

To be the ASELSAN of our Supreme Turkish Nation and army; we will continue to lead the way in developing domestic and national solutions by improving our competitiveness with our innovative, environmentally sensitive, energy efficient systems and products by developing our technologies in the fields in which we operate.

In this technology journey we are in; your byword ‘The supreme guide in life is science’ has been our main principle. 

May your soul rest in peace.”

Within the scope of the anniversary of the establishment, demonstrations organized by Turkish Classical and Folk Music Choirs and Folk Dance Society, which consist of ASELSAN employees. Before than the demonstrations, Sadık PİYADE, Acting General Manager of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, celebrated the 44th anniversary of ASELSAN, one of the Foundation's Subsidiaries, and made good wishes in his speech.

Turkish Classical and Folk Music Choirs and Folk Dance Society, which consist of ASELSAN employees, provided enjoyable hours to the thousands of ASELSAN employees, loaded the ATO Congressium to celebrate the 44th anniversary of its establishment.

Turkey's Technology Base

ASELSAN was founded in 1975 with only four engineers and in its 44th year, has reached a position that not following technology, but directing technology, with more than 4.000 research staff working in six R&D centers. ASELSAN, which produced domestic and national technology and developed the electronic systems needed by mainly Turkish Armed Forces and other institutions, exported to 64 countries as well. ASELSAN entered the list of the top 100 defence industry companies (Defense News Top 100) of the world in 2006 and increased its chart in the list published this year and ranked 52nd with a turnover of 1.8 billion dollars.

In 2019, approximately 1.200 new employees, 70 percent of whom were engineers, joined the ASELSAN family. ASELSAN's total number of employees exceeds 7.500; According to the surveys, in 2019, the Company ranked first in the list of companies most preferred by the participants in the Engineering/Information Technologies lane. ASELSAN is the first company which allocates the most resources to R&D activities in Turkey with TRY 2.1 billion and also which employs women R&D employees.