HAVELSAN’s unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), Barkan, which will play a role in joint robotic operations with other unmanned platforms will soon be on the field, furthering the vision of the company's “digital troop” concept.
Turkish Aerospace is building Turkey's biggest and Europe's second largest subsonic wind tunnel facility. The facility is underway for the purpose of carrying out wind tunnel tests of Turkish Fighter. The wind tunnel is intended to be used in the development ofindigenous, rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, especially the Turkish Fighter.
2020 year-end financial results of ASELSAN have been announced. The company's revenues grew by 24% in 2020 compared to the previous year and exceeded 16 Billion TL. The net profit of the company reached 4.5 Billion TL with an increase of 33% compared to the previous year. ASELSAN
President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN attended ROKETSAN’s Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and the Explosive Raw Material Production Facility Opening Ceremony. During the ceremony, President first signed the honor book.
Subsidiaries of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF): ASELSAN, TAI, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, İŞBİR, and ASPİLSAN are mentioned often for their success in defense industry both in Turkey and in the world.
ASPİLSAN Energy signed the main contractor contract for the construction works of the new production facility. The main contractor is expected to start its activities by laying the foundation very recently.
Feeling the support of the devoted Turkish people, especially the support of our donators, since the day it was founded, TAFF continues to maintain its ties of affection with Great Turkish Nation today as it did yesterday.
İstanbul Chamber of Industry announced Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises Survey, which it prepared with respect to 2019 data.
The transition of ASPİLSAN to HAVELSAN’s Cloud Computing System and the Opening Ceremony of the Administrative Building / Warehouse was held on 29th of January 2020 at ASPİLSAN Energy Kayseri Central Social Area.
Exporting a Command, Control, Computer, Communication and Intelligence System to Oman together with a training system, HAVELSAN established a company in this country with a local partner.
Minister of Defense Hulusi AKAR visited ROKETSAN on January 22, 2020. Chief of General Staff General Yaşar GÜLER, Land Forces Commander General Ümit DÜNDAR and Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL, Deputy Minister Yunus Emre KARAOSMANOĞLU and Deputy Minister Muhsin DERE accompanied him.
Turkish Aerospace, Turkey’s aviation and aerospace leading company which has been carrying out breaking-ground projects, became the first industrial organization to receive the “Zero Waste Certificate”.
Turkish Aerospace was granded an "Longest-Running Export” Award at “Stars of Export - Secret Champions of Turkey Award Ceremony” which is organized by Dünya Newspaper.
2019 was a year in which ASELSAN has a strong financial implications and the growth trend in the company's revenues continued to accelerate in the first three monts of 2020 in contrast with hitches at global conditions.
ASELSAN, the largest organization of Turkish Defence Industry, visited Anıtkabir on its 44th anniversary.
ASPILSAN Energy, one of the national organizations of Turkey established with the local capital, supports the defense industry by producing the long-lasting batteries needed by the Turkish Armed Forces.
İŞBİR, which is the first Alternator and Generator Producer of Turkey, realized 31.500 m² land allocation signature protocol on August 15, 2017 in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone within the scope
HAVELSAN signed memorandum of understandings with; Technology Depository Agency (Affiliated to Malaysian Ministry of Finance)
Turkish Aerospace Industries continues its technology development activities and human resource development works. The aim of the R & D center established in an area of 174 m2 in ULUTEK Technology Development Zone in Bursa Uludağ University Görükle Campus
ASELSAN acquired a %51 share of Ankara-based BITES A.Ş., which operates in technology areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, intelligent autonomous system software, deep learning, image and signal processing.
Şişecam Group, a global player in all key areas of glass, will work together to develop joint projects with Turkey’s biggest defence elelctronics company ASELSAN.
First part of ASELSAN Konya Silah Sistemleri was established in Konya with ceremony. The foundaiton of the factory wil be an important step in reducing external dependancy in the defense industry and ensuring regional development by developing modern national, indigenous products at Turkish defence industry.
The 2nd Workshop on Generator and Energy Systems were held at Balıkesir –Thermal Asya Hotel on 08-09 March 2018 by İşbir Elektrik Sanayi A.Ş.. The workshop started with the opening speech of Haluk Cumali, CEO of İŞBİR Elektrik Sanayi A.Ş. and the presentation of the General Manager Burhan ÖZGÜR.
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has successfully performed the first flight test of HÜRKUŞ-B, which has planned to be taken in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in the middle of this year.
Smaller and more powerful Radar and Electronic Warfare Devices can be produced via the method called as KATMER, developed entirely by ASELSAN.
98th Anniversary of the Great Leader Atatürk’s Arrival in Ankara was celebrated in Beynam a day in advance. Sadık PİYADE, Deputy General Manager of TAFF, İbrahim Halil ŞİVGAN, District Governor of Bala and Arif KAPLAN, Mayor of Bala attended the ceremonies held in Beynam Atatürk History and Culture House, renovated in 2004 by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.
Continuing its studies for the development of the Turkish Defense Industry with the contributions of the Great Turkish Nation since its foundation on September 26, 1987, the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary with pride.
Participating in InnoTrans 2016 International Transportation Technologies Exhibition being held at the capital of Germany, Berlin, ASELSAN exhibits its Traction Systems, Train Control and Management Systems and Facility Security Systems.
Type Certification of the New Generation Trainer Aircraft “HURKUS” was presented to TAI at a ceremony organized with the coordination of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on 18 August 2016.
At the MSPO exhibition attended by nearly 600 companies from 30 countries, Roketsan won the “Best International Stand Design Award.”
HAVELSAN has incorporated the U.S.-based Simulation Technology Developer. The process, commenced in the last year, was completed by obtaining all necessary approvals. This situation will provide an advantage for HAVELSAN, being a global company, in the global competition.
ROKETSAN developed TEBER guidance kit which will ensure to convert MK series general purpose bombs (MK-81, MK-82) which are used in abundance both locally and internationally by many forces of the world,..
Dr. Murat ÜÇÜNCÜ, Vice President of the Management Board of Aselsan received Big Star and Fast 50 Awards given by Deloitte Turkey
The Minister of National Defense Fikri Işık visited HAVELSAN. He investigated products on site and also received information about the works conducted for 5 hours. The Press was accompanied by the Minister.
The Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Işık has reviewed the firing tests of the medium-altitude air defense missile Hisar, produced with local resources, resulted in success in Aksaray.
AvenueEV, Turkey’s first 100 percent domestic electric bus, which is the co-production of ASELSAN and TEMSA, “hit roads”
General Manager of Aspilsan Energy, Ferhat Özsoy said “We as Aspilsan Energy will keep up with the new battery technologies by maintaining our existing collaborations in R&D field”.
Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF), playing a leading role in establishing and developing Turkish Defense Industry, transferred fund amounted at 71 billion TL to the Defense Industry Support Fund in 2017.
13th IDEF International Defense Industry Fair was organized at İstanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 9-12 May 2017 in the management and responsibility of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) under the aegis of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense.
18 March Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs’ day was held with the participation all personnel by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. A presentation emphasizing the meaning and the importance of the date was made and at the end of the presentation,..
The Governor of Sivas and Honorary President of TAFF Honorary Public Committee, Mr. Davut GÜL visited our donator Ms. Gülseren KATURMAN at her home together with his wife,..
Ministry of National Defense signed a cooperation protocol in the field of information and communication technologies. As a part of the signed main protocol, HAVELSAN signed a sub-protocol with the Directorate General of Communications, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the field of cyber security.
HÜRKUŞ is designed to support different mission and operational requirements within the scope of the Basic and Primary Trainer Aircraft by TAI – TURKISH AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, INC. HÜRKUŞ-C, in addition to pilot training missions,..