Martyr Şerife Bacı - Martyrs Memorial

Martyr Şerife Bacı And Martyrs Memorıal Is Opened


Martyr Şerife Bacı and Martyrs Memorial of which the construction was completed by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, was opened in the district of Seydiler of Kastamonu.

Murat BAŞESGİOĞLU who run Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Ministry of State in the previous periods, Şehmus GÜNAYDIN, Governor of Kastamonu, Fatma BENLİ, Deputy of İstanbul from the Justice and Development Party, Metin ÇELİK and Murat DEMİR, Deputies of Kastamonu, Lieutenant General Sezai BOSTANCI, Undersecretary of Ministry of National Defense, Orhan AKBAŞ, General Manager of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, Emin ALPMAN, Chairman of ROKETSAN, Mehmet ŞAHİN, Mayor of Kastamonu and Gülin Erkmen YILDIRIM, child of grandchild of Şerife Bacı attended the opening ceremony of Martyr Şerife Bacı and Martyrs Memorial, held with the broad participation of the public.

Şehmus GÜNAYDIN, Governor of Kastamonu, expressed his satisfaction to attend the opening of such a memorial at his speech made at the ceremony and said the followings “In order to add the tour routes, I have met with many tour companies, which mention their expectations concerning the opening of the memorial. I believe this will make great contributions to the economy of Kastamonu and its district of Seydiler”.

Orhan AKBAŞ, General Manager of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation said the followings at the opening ceremony “340 km-Independence Road, from İnebolu to Ankara, played a key role in meeting the weapon and munitions need of our Glorious Army. İnebolu Port, being the beginning of the Independence Road, was become the door opening to the external world and the weapon, munitions needs were met and communications were made through this port.

The biggest reason of the success of logistic activities in the War of Independence was the mass support provided by the people of Kastamonu İstiklal to the national independence struggle. The people of Kastamonu did their duty to carry weapon and munitions with success with the national mobilization approach together with young and old alike. Martyr Şerife Bacı, for whom we open the memorial here, is one of the most important national heroes, representing the efforts of the public. Martyr Şerife Bacı became martyr for protecting the weapon and munitions entrusted to her and also her child, who was the future of this country, in the snowstorm caught during the weapon and munitions shipping. This country remains standing owing to the self-sacrificing Turkish women like Martyr Şerife Bacı, may god bless her soul.

Our foundation provides support in development of the national defense industry and also maintains its support in social responsibility projects. In line with the mission of our foundation and within the scope of the social responsibility project, the construction of such a memorial was decided by the boards of directors of our companies both in order to express the support provided by the people of Kastamonu with all their heart and soul and also to show the importance of the independent defense industry”.

After the speeches, the flag on Martyr Şerife Bacı and Martyrs Memorial was lowered and was opened to the public visits.