TSKGV About Us


-The Objective of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, stated by LAW 3388; is to enhance the warfare of capability of Turkish Armed Forces through national defense industry, establishing new defense industry areas and procuring warfare armament by providing the financial and spiritual support of Citizens.


Maintaining and enhancing the spiritual bridge between Turkish Nation and Turkish Armed Forces through Foundation services,

Establishing and developing companies of Defense Industry in order to the fundamental purpose of making contributions for enhancement of the fighting power of Turkish Armed Forces.


– To continue to become;
– A foundation with strong corporate identity and solid financial structure that uses donations accepted from noble Turkish Nation and dividends received from TAFF companies in the most effective way to strengthen Turkish Armed Forces’ capabilities,
– A group of companies that plays an effective role in the development and guidance of Turkey’s defense industry to reduce foreign dependency through attained competitive power in the world defense market and indigenous products.