Yusuf BAL

My name is Yusuf BAL. I live in the village of Anacık in the district of Andırın/KAHRAMANMARAŞ. I did not have a job before I joined the army to perform my military service. I took a course on construction in the fields of walling, plastering and formwork in 1972 when I was performing my military service in Narlıdere/İZMİR. I completed ranking first in course. My commanders asked me to stay as a trainer but I did not accept because I wanted to lend assistance in other troops of Turkish Armed Forces. I was sent to Istanbul after my post-training in Narlıdere. I worked in the cafeteria construction in Fenerbahçe Officer’s Club and also many outbuilding constructions. I improved myself in this profession which I acquired during my military service thanks to Turkish Armed Forces. After my military service, I went to Germany to work as worker and I qualified for a pension after working for many years. Turkish Armed Forces has a great role in my profession and earning a living for my family. I never forget this. I have a duty of loyalty for Turkish Armed Forces. Therefore, Turkish Armed Forces has a special place in my family. We have a strong liking, respect for Turkish Armed Forces. I made some researches on internet and I learned the Foundation’s Subsidiaries, their investments and their contributions to the technology and our Armed Forces. I made donation as much as I can. Now I am glad to make a contribution through small and I excitedly follow your successes. Yours sincerely