I am  Ömür CİVANŞAN. Born in İzmir in 1956 at Menderes district. I wroked in Sümerbank Menderes store for 16 years. as a civil servant. In 1993, I took over the store I worked in the scope of privatization.I retired in 2001.Since 1993, I have been dealing with trade at my same store.

I heard that our citizens were donating as much as they could to Turkish Armed Forces. I wanted to make a donation to our glorious army which gave us confidence and peace under these world conditions.  

I researched, I learned that donations made to Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF)  produce technology, weapons, tools and equipment that our army needs through their companies. 

We live happiness and peace as CİVANŞAN family with contributing to the  advancement and empowerment of our army with the donations made to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.

May Allah make your illustrious army always successful and victorious. May Allah destine our Army glorious victories.     

I would like to Express my gratiude to the valuable executives of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and wish them a continued success. 

With my deepest love and respect.