Hüseyin Kazım ERTÜRK

I’m Hüseyin Kazım ERTÜRK, I was born and raised in İSTANBUL. I’m really happy that I could donate to our Armed Forces as a former civil servant retired from PTT. There are reasons for this. First of all, I wanted to become a military officer so much when I was young, but I couldn’t due to a minor eye problem, and I always felt regretful about that. Another very important reason is the happenings in our region and in our neighbors. The fact that country without a strong army can’t survive in this region forced me for this decision. Also, I have seen many friends who passed away and left their savings and properties to their relatives and they were all spent recklessly. Last but not least, sincere attitudes of the personnel of TAFF really facilitated my decision. And I wanted to tell you that now I’m spending my retirement period much happier.