We were talking about donating and searching for a decent foundation for a long time. Since my husband’s father was a retired soldier, we wanted to make a donation to a Foundation connected to our army. My husband, Dr. Uğur Tahsin YAŞİNKILIÇ who passed away had watched a promotion about an institution under TAFF in a TV programme. He told me about it and then we decided to donate. Two days later, we called the esteemed managers of the Foundation who handles with these issues, they visited us and we made our donation.

We were always happy and glad that we could donate to a Foundation that does such a great job. We have received such positive comments about our donation from the members of our family. During all the special days, we are being called by the managers of the Foundation and then they are visiting us.

While they were on our side during good times, they were also with me when my husband passed away on July 8th, 2014. Thank you for that… I believe that our donations are being used for the defence and development of our beautiful country. I’m telling the people around me to donate too if they could. I’m seeing that we have made such a good decision more and more every single day